4 Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Should Send A Newsletter

Posted by Ryan Neufeld on January 31, 2019 at 9:04 AM

There are many industries where success revolves around developing relationships. Real estate qualifies as one of those industries. Whether you’re on a team or you’re by yourself, you can benefit from reading this.

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If you’re someone in the real estate industry, you should be sending a print newsletter to your customers and prospects. There are plenty of reasons why but let me share four of them with you.



Stay Connected With Your Audience

In your profession, connecting and staying connected with prospects and customers is critical. There are many ways that you can do that, but I would argue that a print newsletter might be the most effective way. Because, it provides an opportunity for engagement, instead of a generic email blast.

Some reports suggest that the average consumer receives anywhere from 80-120 emails on a daily basis. So what makes you think that your email will stand out from the rest of those and be opened? Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely. Unless you’ve found a way to make your emails constantly engaging, they’re going to come across as spam instead of helpful.

That’s why a tangible print newsletter can be so impactful to send. It doesn’t follow the trend of other advertising. Your audience isn’t receiving hundreds of mail pieces in a week. Instead, yours will stand out because it has less to compete with. Your recipients will appreciate that you want to connect with them but aren’t overbearing in how you do it.

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By establishing a cadence, you can connect with them on a monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly basis. This will be to your benefit as there will be parts of the year where your customers or prospect won’t be active. But, by connecting with them through this “dead season” you will be on top of their mind when it's time to take action. And because you’ve connected in a way that’s mutually beneficial, they’ll consider you the best option for their needs.


Establish Credibility

Because of the fierce competition in the real estate, a big challenge is separating yourself from the competition. The average consumer wants to know why you’re better than the other guy. A monthly newsletter gives you a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate your credibility and knowledge in the real estate industry.

Each month you could feature a different success story that you’ve had with a customer. Some examples are: how you helped someone sell their home that had been on the market for a few years. Or how you helped first-time homebuyers find their dream home. Showing your success will ease some of the concerns that your prospects might have with you. There are few things that will do more for your reputation and credibility than real life proof of what you have to offer.

You can use the newsletter to show how you’re an industry expert. You can highlight important information about the changing trends in real estate today. This could be as simple as writing a short article that gives the reader an update on the housing market. Or talking about any kind of changes in concerns to legalities involved in transactions. By establishing your credibility with industry knowledge, you show your prospects that you’re more qualified than your competitors.

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Improve Your Referral Program

Improving your referral program is perhaps the strongest benefit of sending a print newsletter. You know how crucial referrals are to your business so here’s how you can leverage your newsletter to gain referrals.

Newsletters are effective in running monthly referral programs. You can run different contests each month, awarding the person who gives you the most referrals. And because it’s a contest, it doesn’t feel like you’re pressuring them to do it. Since it’s beneficial for them too, it gives your past clients more incentive to refer others your way.

Your recipients can physically pass along your newsletter to their friends and family if they think it’s beneficial. Not everyone feels inclined to give away your business card since it doesn’t benefit them. But if the newsletter has a helpful or interesting article, this makes it more likely to be given to a potential customer.


Advertise New or Current Listings

One of the most practical ways a newsletter can benefit you is to get eyes on your listings. With the rise of different online real estate listing platforms, it’s important for potential customers to see your listings. There’s no better way to get people to view yours than include it in your newsletter. Likely, these listings can be similar to what you’ve helped your customers with, in the past. Increasing your chances that they’ll tell someone about it.

It’s possible that your past customers want to refer their friends to you but aren’t sure how you can help them. By showing your listings, this gives them tangible information to pass along to their friends. If they see a new listing, it might jog to mind a friend who might be interested.

As you can see, a newsletter can be a powerful tool to connect with your database and drive referrals. Now to start churning business with it, the key is to get started!



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