New Feature Alert: Geo-Mapping

Posted by Cassie Stuber on January 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM



At Handy Mailing we are always looking to add new services to our lineup. Last year, we acquired Biznotes, which allowed us to replicate real handwriting. Our customers have expressed awe at the results. They exclaim the personal touch it adds to their mail, because they understand that the more personal their mail is, the better ROI they can achieve. And that means more dollars in their pockets.

This year we want to announce another feature to help you achieve your best results: Geo Mapping.

If you have never heard of Geo Mapping, basically it is a type of variable data in the form of a map

So, let’s say you have a postcard you want to send for your company that includes directions for how to get to the location. You could add a static map that includes a crossroads and where it is in relation to other companies or points of interest. In fact, many companies do this, and it does increase ROI.

But there is a better way. You can now include a map that not only shows where your store is but ALSO the route from the address of the recipient. Perhaps a picture will best show what this looks like. 

To the left is a map that includes the route between two companies – Harper Trucks and Handy Mailing Service. Substitute your company for Handy Mailing Service and Harper Trucks as the recipient. You can do this for EVERY customer – for any quantity!

It doesn’t stop there. You can also include street views of the recipient too. In fact, we have a customer that does exactly this.

He purchases dilapidated houses and flips them. He sends a street-view image of the house he wants to buy along with some verbiage and the recipient's address. It’s brilliant, because when the recipient pulls the card from the mailbox, they are startled when they see that on the card is THEIR house.

If this sounds interesting to you, and if you would like to get a price, feel free to reach out. Or if you don’t know where to start or maybe have an out-of-the-box project you’ve been itching to employ, contact us today! And since we build our own software in house to accomplish this task, It’s simpler and more affordable than you think. We do not rely on other companies, so we don’t need to mark-up the price. 

Happy mailing in 2021!

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