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Our Story

Handy Mailing Service was founded by Vergil and Kay Esau in 1976, just four years after zip codes were introduced. Since then, we’ve provided a high level of service to our customers with established values and a positive workplace. In 2022, Julie and Colby took over ownership and continue to strive to meet the same expectations as Vergil & Kay.

We pride ourselves on three core values: honesty, service, and a relationship driven approach.

Honesty is something that we take to heart regardless the situation. Whether it involves pricing, postage, scheduling, or staying true to our word, we strive to always fulfill this value. We invite you to hold us to that standard in all interactions that we may have together. Because, at the end of the day, we want to stand firm in integrity, no matter the situation.

Here at Handy Mailing Service, service is one of our core values, so each employee embraces a customer-first mindset. We believe this is what drives a company that cares about their customers. We know that a large part of the customer experience revolves around communication, so we establish trust with our customers through transparency and responsiveness.

Relationships form an essential part of the positive culture at Handy Mailing Service. We place great priority on developing strong relationships with our customers and among our team members. With a healthy understanding of the work/life balance, we create an environment conducive to fostering these type of relationships.


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