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Sell More Cars With Direct Mail

Whether you sell used or new cars, you know you could always sell more. What better way, than bringing qualified prospects into the door with a targeted automotive direct mail campaign. You know as well as we do, getting them in the door is the struggle.

Once there, you’ll be able to take care of the rest. We know you face tough competition, so stand out from the pack by implementing proven direct mail automotive strategies. Besides we have tons of experience working with other top-notch auto dealerships who’ve achieved tremendous success through direct mail as well.

Drive Traffic With Creative Mail Pieces

Spread information about your dealership with an informative and entertaining monthly newsletter. Keep your customers in the loop by sharing car care tips, fun facts, and reminders for when they need to bring their car in.

Send a stunning postcard with special offers for oil maintenance or tire rotations to drive traffic into your doors. Attract hot prospects by mailing a jumbo EDDM postcard to everyone within a five mile radius of your dealership. 

Reach Your Sales Quota Every Time

With the right direct mail automotive strategies, you can strengthen relationships with current car-buying customers, promote special offers, and create referral contests to drive potential buyers to your dealership. The next time you’re “clearing out inventory” send a EDDM postcard blast to 10,000 people in your area. You’ll be sure to make space for those new models coming in!

In fact, read about the success one of our customers had by sending a “Holiday” card around Christmas time:

“I sent a 6x11 Holiday postcard advertising some of our services with several coupons. This "Holiday" card generated an additional $37,000 during the holidays at a cost of less than one tenth.”

We know you have a demanding sales quota to meet, so we want to help you reach it!

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