Boost ROI with a Commemorative Stamp

Posted by Teresa Lee on February 2, 2021 at 9:17 AM

If you wish to give a little kick to your marketing, use a stamp instead of a permit. For most mailings, our customers have opted to use a printed postal permit. It’s the cheapest option, because there is no additional labor involved. But it’s also the least effective. 

You can use a stamp on any type of mailing. Big or small. Postcard or envelope. The postage rate is the same as a permit. 

So, try using one instead of a permit. Remember, the primary goal of any mailing is to get it open by the customer. A stamp is more attractive and personal than a permit. When you write a letter or thank you note to someone and send it in the mail, you slap a stamp on it for the postage.

But to go further, if you’re sending a first class mail piece anyway, instead of using a generic on-the-roll stamp, try using one of the special stamps the post office issues for special occasions called a commemorative stamp. The cost is the same as a normal first class stamp, but it feels more personal. 

In fact, we work with a direct mail marketing consultant who advises all of his clients to use commemorative stamps for their mailings. According to his research, these stamps have the highest open rate.

Give us a call today to see if we can use a commemorative stamp on your mailing!

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