Hand Inserting And What You Need To Know About It

Posted by Alex Gorges on March 1, 2018 at 8:23 AM

When I was younger, my life consisted of milking cows on my family’s dairy farm. Today, when I tell people I milked cows, I receive the same question over and over: did you milk the cows by hand? I usually smile and say no and tell the person that no one’s done that for a long time. Modern technology has replaced much of the hand work in extracting milk. Besides, the process would be tedious and time-consuming. Thank goodness someone invented a machine to automate all of that. This causes me to reflect on another process that’s tedious and time-consuming: hand inserting.

What is Hand Inserting?

Hand inserting is when we insert – literally by hand –  personalized letters or mail pieces, as well as tangible items into envelopes. This service enables us to insert multiple classes of items that cannot otherwise be inserted by machine.

We provide this service so our customers can market their services and products more effectively. Often when we speak to new clients, they are shocked that we still match insert personalized letters by hand. How archaic, they say! If you’re one of the shocked, allow me to explain this process called hand inserting, the two types of mail pieces we hand insert, and why we still provide it in this age of automation.

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What Can You Hand Insert?

First, we hand insert all personalized letters and mail pieces. If you want to mail a letter with “Dear Jack” for the salutation, we’ll match the name “Jack” to the envelope with his corresponding address. It’s much the same when you write a letter to a friend. You write the letter, fold it, and then slide it into an envelope with your friend’s address. But here, we do this for thousands of letters. Because we have a fully developed system for this, we are able to do this in an efficient way to maximize your profit. Plus, we always check to see the actual name going into the envelope so we can ensure complete accuracy. There’s little worse than your customer receiving a letter in the mail addressed to another person.

Second, we insert lumpy items. Lumpy items are tangible things like paper clips, boomerangs, compasses, and plastic trash cans. The reason our clients love this service is because their consumers are more likely to open an envelope that’s bulging. When you see an envelope with an item in it, your curiosity demands that you open it.

We take pride in offering you a wide variety of mailing services to give you the most effective tools possible for your mailing. The ability to hand insert efficiently, and accurately is a valuable service that you can take advantage of. Since this is available for you, I encourage you to find ways to personalize your next piece and I think you’ll realize how much it will boost the selling power of your piece.

If you’re interested in learning more or sending a mailer that requires hand inserting, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to help!

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