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About Handy Mailing

At Handy Mailing, we live service and are committed to a higher level of accountability, communication and a hands-on approach that sets us apart from the competition. 

We are large enough to fulfill any size project, but at the same time, we are small enough to offer proactive responsiveness if we see a potential issue with a job. 

Our slogan "We Take Honesty to an Extreme" is something we truly believe. If we make a mistake on your job we will call and let you know. We won’t wait to see if you will figure it out on your own.

Because of our commitment to service, Handy Mailing has grown over the years, and can boast over 100 years of combined experience in the industry between our department heads and customer service reps. 

Handy Mailing Service is also committed to a quality work environment. Many of our employees have been with Handy Mailing for over ten years. We find our customers benefit from the experience we provide on their projects. 

When you call us a person answers the phone. The only time you get voice mail is if all incoming lines have someone on them or when calling after hours. 

Our People Make the Difference:

Vergil Esau, Owner of Handy Mailing Service Vergil Esau
Vergil has been in the business since 1967, two years after zip codes were introduced. Over the years, he has seen technology change dramatically, and remains committed to offering the latest innovations to customers.
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Greg Roth, Production Manager at Handy Mailing Service - Quality Bulk Mail, Presort Mail, Hand Assembly and more. Greg Roth
Production Manager
Greg has been part of corporate and high speed mail printing as well as programming since 1978. Since 1989, Greg has been in management, first for several years at a Fortune 100 company before joining Handy Mailing.
Julie Stull, Customer Service Representative at Handy Mailing Service in Wichita Kansas Julie Stull
Customer Service
Since 1990, Julie has been a customer service representative, first honing her skills at one of the largest financial management companies in the United States.
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Jim Colvin, Data Processing Manager for Handy Mailing Mail List Services and Presort Mail Distribution Jim Colvin
Data Processing Manager
Jim began with Chesire labels and has been the data processing manager at Handy Mailing since 1989. He is a self-taught guru and provides extensive technical expertise.
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Jeremy Torres Jeremy Torres
Customer Service Representative
Jeremy Torres has been with us since 2007 handling the data processing, digital printing as well as all the local customer service.

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The Process
Data Processing
DData Processing Presort Mail, Bulk Mail and First Class Mail ServiceOur data processing and hygiene systems are supported by leading-edge technology combined with experienced database operators. From simple list hygiene and sorts to variable data on all pieces, Handy Mailing Services can help.

Letter Shop
Handy Mailing Services uses the latest automated equipment to handle a full spectrum of direct mail services.  Our high speed inkjets are capable of printing at the same time we address up to 4” of variable date in several different colors. We can automatically match up to 3 pieces while inserting envelopes up to 10” x 13”. If folding after we personalize your direct mail piece we can do that in house.

If it has to be done by hand we have help that is trained to maintain high quality. We use quality control measures in all areas including the fulfillment area.  We can assemble and mail your sales packets on your schedule. Many of our customers like to mail Lumpy Mail.
Mail Fulfillment for Presort, Bulk Mail, and First Class Mail Services
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